The robust construction UST-PWTG-B(Z) with a plate heat exchanger is used in all district heating networks with high requirements.

Thanks to the modular design of soldered or welded plate heat exchanger PWTG (district heat exchanger) are these suitable for family homes, apartment buildings through to commercial premises.

The domestic hot water is supplied via soldered plate heat exchanger.


Plate heat exchanger          stainless with copper solder 99,9% or nickel solder
Stratified storage tank         stainless

Max. operating conditions
  Pressure Temperature
Primary side
PN6 - PN25 200°C
Secondary side
PN6/10 100°C


•    output from 15-1'000 kW (higher output on request)
•    stratified storage tank 300 l bis 1'000 l (larger volumes on request)
•    including massive frame profile housing
•    including complete piping
•    including control unit with wiring


•    heat counter, differential pressure regulator / volume current limiting device, control points etc.
•    several heating groups
•    frame profile housing
•    isolation 
•    frame housing

Thermally optimized components

The modular design of plate heat exchanger and a technical optimization ensures that a temperature pitch of 3-5°C (depending on requirements) is reached.


•    short delivery times
•    easy service
•    modular construction


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