Puls 5, Zurich-west

There, where the headlines director Christof Schlingensief gave always his audience a scale, by the theater "Schiffbau",  where 100 years ago the factories ensured smoking chimneys by Escher Wyss, was created for the short time according to their own website (www.puls5.ch), "most exciting project in Zurich West".

Our company was responsible for the challenging task to design a district heating station that has at only 8.8 m2 Area 3 heat exchanger à 1'100 kW, 6 engine valves with spring return, 5 engine valves up to DN 150, two circulation pumps with 4 kW power, measuring and regulating valves, about 35 meters piping with appropriate insulation and packed with relays, controllers and inverters cabinet.

The project included 102 flats, 15 to 18 stores and gastronomy services, a Migros Fitness Park, 4'500 m2 of office and commercial space, an office building with 10'000 m2 and 1'500 m2 of workshops with 3.60 m height.


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