Manual cleaning

Cleaning of weaving maschineDespite best air conditioning and the use of overhead traveling cleaners, production machines are contaminated within a short time. Periodical cleaning is a “must” to maintain product-quality, productiveness and efficiency.

The use of compressed air blowing as a cleaning-tool is no alternative to CVS. The waste, fluff and fly is only moved around, e.g. from one side to the other, where great damage may occur. The only efficient and economical solution is a CVS from Steinemann.


Periodical cleaning - ring spinning frame

Customer have been able to achieve the following benefits with our system:

•   increase of efficiency up to 4.2 %
•   reduction of energy consumption
•   fewer production-interruptions and reduction of maintenance time
•   reduction of spare parts needed in production machines
•   increased quality

The following advantages are incorporated in our system:

Floor sweeping point

•   easy handling during operation
•   large filter capacity – long operation time
•   low energy costs
•   minimum and simple maintenance
•   comprehensive cleaning tools and accessories
•   easy installation of the compact pipe-network
•   network extensions or modifications are always possible


Periodical cleaning in production area

Please contact us and let us know your requirements. Our CVS will optimize your production.


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