Making up

Part of sewing areaAt the making-up process there is also waste production. Efforts are geared towards minimizing waste, although with limited success. As a further condition the waste must not be mixed with semi-finished goods respectively must not contaminate the products.
The waste quantity can accumulate to an enormous amount and the manual removal or collection by mill-staff leads to a considerable loss of production.
The automatic disposal of waste by CVS solves these problems and has additional positive effects.


Sewing table with collecting boxThe following results have been achieved with the installation of a Steinemann CVS at quilt manufacturing:

•   16 % production-increase through avoidance of production-interruptions
    due to waste disposal
•   Steinemann CVS performs the complete process: seize – transport –  
    filter – compact. FULLY AUTOMATIC
•   clean working-environment
•   increase of safety


Vacuum pipe networkThe CVS features the following characteristics:

•   minimum and simple maintenance
•   low energy-cost
•   easy installation of the compact pipe-network
•   extensions or alteration of the CVS is any time possible

Please contact us and let us know your requirements. Our CVS will optimize your production.


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