Automatic disposal

Before emptyingA modern spinning mill is very capital-intensive. Therefore 100% mill efficiency is targeted. High performing spinning machines require constant production conditions for optimal performance. The average investment can be reduced with an increased number of spinning positions. But with increasing length of the spinning frame, the requirement to empty the filter box increases. The larger the mill is the larger are the transport routes. These are just a few points to be considered in designing the secondary material flow.

A manual solution is very labor intensive and bears the risk of unreliability.
But reliability has a large influence on various productivity factors.
After emptyingBy automating the waste logistics with a CVS, the reliability of the process will be increased and therefore the effectiveness of the production.

Well proven solutions for Automatic Disposal of:

•   OE rotor spinning filter boxes
•   winder filter boxes
•   air jet spinning filter boxes
•   dust separators
•   fiber separators
•   waste separators
Air jet spinning filter boxes•   overhead travelling cleaners

Customers have been able to achieve the following benefits with our system:

•   increase of efficiency of 1 %
•   reduction of energy consumption
•   increase of quality and reduction of quality-fluctuations
•   up to 20 % reduced yarn breaks
•   reduction of manual interventions by personnel – increased reliability,
    reduced costs
Winder filter box•   less production-interruptions and reduction of maintenance time
•   reduction of spare parts needed in production machines

The following advantages are incorporated in our systems apart from short pay-back time:

•   low energy cost
•   minimum and simple maintenance
•   easy installation of the compact pipe-network
•   network extensions or modification are always possible

 AC filter dust collectors

Please contact us and let us know your requirements. Our CVS will optimize your production.



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