History of CVS (Central Vacuum Systems) at Steinemann AG

From 1965 - Sulzer is promoting the first CVS for manual cleaning.

From 1981 - Steinemann is manufacturing vacuum units, filters and other relevant components under license from Sulzer.

1983 - Reengineering and combination of vacuum-blower and filter into a single unit.

1986 - Launch of AS (Automatic Stop) control system. Automatic stop at end of usage.

1987 - Launch of ESS (Energy Saving System) control. Demand-controlled speed of motor / blower.

1989 - Steinemann purchases the production and marketing rights. The marketing team moves to Flawil.

1991 - Development of components for automatic waste disposal in textile production machines. The first relevant CVS starts operation. Continuous development of further applications.

1998 - Development of automatic disposal solutions for the airline catering industry. In following years CVS of various sizes are installed for Gate Gourmet at different locations.

2000 - Reengineering of the vacuum unit.

2002 - Reengineering of ESS (Energy Saving System) with frequency controllers. Implementation of a new filtering system.

2008 - Administration and manufacturing incorporated into affiliated sister company Calorifer AG. The brand name "Steinemann Central Vacuum Systems" remains.

2016 - A new company ConVacc AG was incorporated for CVS. The brand name "Steinemann Central Vacuum Systems" remains.

Continuous improvements of all components and services in order to supply our customers with optimal systems also in the future.


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